Land owners all over the country are experiencing an amazing new way to lease their property with excellent cash flows: Leasing land for solar power generation. Property owners in CA, AZ, TX, NM, NV, CO and UT were recently surprised to find what their useless or low generating farm land will fetch. In areas like Arizona, in the middle of the desert, property owners are lucky to find a rancher that will lease from them at extremely low rates, usually $30/acre on average. Leasing the same property for a solar electric farm will yield closer to $300/acre and have an incredible 20 year plus duration. That’s 10 times what they’re getting now for the very same piece of ground!

Is there a catch? No, but there are some important details that a solar developer will be looking for. Typically a flat piece of ground is best with excellent sun hours. Also, the system needs to be connected to the power grid, so the property will need to be located with power lines either on the property or very near.

If your property fits such a description, leave a comment below and someone from Skybridge Solar will get in touch with you. Or fill out our handy contact form located under the Development tab titled Land Sellers and Lessors.

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