Here are a few important factors to examine if you’re considering leasing your land as a solar farm.

First, how big is your property? A serious utility-scale solar farm should be at least 40 acres.

Second, how close is your property to transmission? Your property should either have transmission on site or be extremely close.

Third, does your state have an RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard)? An RPS forces public and private utilities to produce a high percentage of the power they produce through renewables? Most of the Southwestern States do. For information on whether or not your state has an RPS, visit

Forth, is your property in an area that has enough sun hours to support a solar farm? To see how many sun hours per day your property soaks up, visit this website and type in your address. The more sun hours, the more production potential your property has.

Finally, how friendly is your municipality to renewable energy? Most cities, States and counties have been embracing green energy. If yours does, then you’ve got a good shot at leasing your land for a solar development.

Skybridge Solar is continually leasing land for utility-scale solar farms. Please respond to this blog if you have land that fits the parameters above or fill out our information questionnaire on this website.


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